MY Recomended Services

All of the links on this page are taken from the places i find to be good value or offer good service.
First of all i have to mention my very good friends business
his family deal in Beds and Furniture. Located in Gloucester UK with outlets in ross-on-Wye ,Gloucester and Stroud.
So if your not getting the rest you need pay them a visit

Next would be the place i got my DVD player with a USB port.Its really good because it can play div x films i was really cheap. A lot of things seem really cheap but well known brands

Amazon is very useful
for finding things cheaply
I got my second belkin wireless USB stick there for 16 pounds the first one i bought elsewhere was 24 quid !
This is also the place where i got my external hard drive to use with my DVD player. It had the added bonus of claiming back well needed hard drive space so i could give it the defrag it needed so badly.

This is the uk site

This is the USA site

Use this free service to get shot of your old stuff.

use Gumtree
to buy,sell or Jobsearch

Post an ad
Use this free service to get shot of your old stuff I have a few things myself that i will be posting up. Please use your common sence when you are arranging to buy or sell.
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