RealFoe News.
26th July
Started making the website more resolution friendly today
for the people who use 800x600
20th July 07
I finished of my section on the patchwork   
battlerace patch, and here it is                      
I thought i had finished it but then Noticed
a block, so i fixed the block but thought the 
Patch could do with a few extra jumps,         
But just to add a few more jumps i had to    
make a little bit more room...                        
3 hours later...                                                  

More news

I got an email today saying i won a prize from a competition on vouch for me
150 quid ! I sent the reply email and am waiting to hear back..
If you want a chance to win or earn money the links are on the main page.
18th July
Yesterday i started making a segment for
the br patchwork map.                                 
Here is what i have come up with so far.    
17th July 2007
Added a lot of my old bit maps today
Battle races,Shoppers,BNGs and Forts...Still a few to come.
15 June 2007
Today i put loads of links to free lottos, free competition sites
and sites where you can get cashback while you shop.
12 June 2007
Uploaded some more old colour shopper maps i made
10 June 2007
Started making this new site and uploading my old maps... hope you like.
I will be uploading maps from a few other authors very soon

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